Facts are Facts and The Truth is The Truth:

Hard science isn’t up for debate and unfortunately carbon dioxide will continue to make our planet warmer, whether our current EPA Secretary believes it or not. The scientific consensus is that planet warming is a man-made problem to the point of defining a new epoch because of man’s impact on the planet.

Healthcare is a human right:

Most developed societies have acknowledged that everyone, no matter their ability to pay, deserves healthcare. I believe access to healthcare, whenever you need it and without it ever leading to financial ruin, is synonymous with the right to liberty. Working in the ICU I have seen too many patients admitted for Diabetic Ketoacidosis after being unable to afford their insulin. This leads to catastrophically expensive hospital stays which are written off by the hospital or absorbed into costs of other care. We all end up paying in the end, wouldn’t it be better for everyone if we just had to pay for their insulin?

Opioid Epidemic:

"Deaths from drug overdoses in Colorado are reaching a crisis level. Not only does the state's death rate from overdose top the national average, but those numbers have increased across the state"  - Colorado Public Radio, 2/16/2016


The current opioid epidemic, as well as drug abuse in general, need to be treated as diseases and not a failing of personal character.


Women’s equality:

I stand with Planned Parenthood. I believe in a woman’s right to choose. Beyond that I believe there are many other women’s health issues that deserve more attention such as post-partum depression and removing taxes on feminine hygiene products. Pay inequity needs to end; women should no longer make 80% of what men in the same position make, and the fact this is still being debated appalls me.

Civil Rights:

I believe Love is Love and affirm marriage equality for all same sex and intersex couples. As an ally of the LGBTQ community I will write legislation to further codify their rights and aggresively denounce any discrimination against them. This includes ending laws that make it legal to fire someone who is gay or deny housing if you are transgender. For me the LGBTQ community isn't an abstract concept that I think of in terms of news stories or court cases; these are many of my closest friends.

I support the Black Lives Matter movement and all of its guiding principles. I abhor racism in all its forms and will stand firm against this renewed movement of white supremacy. The current administration’s treatment of Muslims betrays the values I believe make this country great. We are a better country because of immigrants and should be welcoming them, not closing our doors.


"The promise of a better life is one of the tenets of the American Dream. That better life is achieved through education of all Americans."

I view higher education as an investment in the future of our country and believe tuition should be free at public colleges and universities. For those of us already saddled with burdensome student loans, those loans should have the interest rates drastically reduced. Government lenders and banks should not be profiting from a student's desire to achieve a better life. 
I support the provisions of the DREAM Act that allow states to make unauthorized state residents eligible for in-state tuition rates. The requirements necessary to gain conditional resident status ensure that the kids who would benefit were brought into this country at an early enough age that it was not their decision. I don't believe the children of immigrants should be held accountable, in this education and financial context, for the decisions of their parents. 
Quality, early preschool programs are shown to have positive impacts on the entire livelihood of the children, and their families; not just through increased academic success for the children themselves. Providing excellent, early childhood education programs to all children should be considered an investment in the overall success of our nation.

The Arts:

I’m a daily listener and supporter of public radio, and art is what tells the story of our society and its individual people. The discussions in congress to defund the NEA and public radio are unconscionable.

Campaign funding and Citizens United:

Senator Cory Gardner spent $17 million on his first Senate election campaign. The reason the wealthy are over represented in our nation’s government is because only the wealthy can afford to campaign. Related to Citizens United, corporations are not people and money is not speech. As a country we should all be concerned when our politicians accept large sums of money from corporations and then vote in those corporation’s interests. In the medical profession attention is paid to the amount of money and handouts are given to physicians and pharmacists with laws in place to moderate those handouts. With the volume of studies reporting concerns over how many more prescriptions a physician writes based on drug representative visits, the same concerns should be paid to legislators.

Act Ethically:

Pharmacists are the #2 most ethical profession according to a Gallup poll. I have been emboldened by my profession to always act on behalf of what is right for patients and I will continue to do so for constituents.

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